Smantah IT Overview

We all know that a computer is going to crash, you might buy a new smartphone that you just can't get to sync with your outlook, or you’re thinking about hiring a new employee that will require a new workstation setup. and if one thing’s true in the world of technology, it’s this: sooner or later, you’re going to need someone who can fix it. and you’re just hoping that they’ll drop what they’re doing to help you out in a time of crisis.

We believe your IT company should be more than a friend – they should be your partner!   

If you’re a business in the modern world, you rely on technology to keep your business going. so, the people you rely on for your technology needs should care just as much as you do about your company.   

SMANTAH IT solutions has a vested interest in making your business run better. our priorities to making that happen are uptime, security, and efficiency. and we offer an entire host of services that focus on each of these. it doesn’t just stop with computer repair. real companies need real support.   


Is one of the premier on-site IT service company in kingdom of saudi arabia.   

We offer you a full range of IT solutions to meet your entire business and personal needs in office and at home simply give us a call or email us and we can have a trained technician out to your business or residence in no time. we offer same-day, weekend and evening appointments

Smantah IT Solutions has technical and skilled management team. These sectors are: -

• Software Solutions

• Network Integration

• Home IT Solutions

• Data Center/ Network

• IT Security Solutions

• Security Center / IP Surveillances

• IP TV and SMATV Services

• Data Center Solutions

• Wireless Solutions

• Video Conferencing

• IP Telephone

• Optical Fiber

• Managed Services

• IT Supply Chain Services

• Web Development