Our Investment Strategy

The priorities of Smantah Group, during the first phase of its establishment, was setting up a clear investment strategy characterized by diversity, variance, addition and change to create a number of safe investments, commercial and industrial businesses, and services to achieve the investments goals.

Group strategy relied on shaping a clear overview to the investment sectors to be a general guideline for investment trends that would be changed and developed per phases of the project as follows:

As a general rule, the investments strategy of Smantah Group aims to establish a number of safe and diverse investments, businesses and services that achieve investments purposes, based on the current economic simulators and promising investments opportunities, as well as actual development indicators and expectations for the Saudi economy , generally,  in the targeted sectors.

Our presence and knowledge in major markets along with our investment philosophy, being supported by various methods and comprehensive procedures, as well as our capability to monitor market movement, are the foundations in which we assess opportunities and investments risks. Accordingly, we distribute assets on investments opportunities which generate high operational revenues and balanced growth in the invested capital. Through our adopted basis and approaches, we are capable of determining a path for our investment operations that achieve the targeted revenues by the market’s mechanism and development in five or ten years.