Tourisum investment sector

Investment in the tourism sector is currently one of the fastest fields of attractive investment growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a result of the increasing demand for, accommodation sector services, entertainment, restaurants and tourism services related to travel. Also the developments that have taken place in the tourism investment market, for the regulations, legislation, and incentives investment of government agencies which organize the national investment market, The General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities is the most important , which reflected the high level of protection of national tourism investments,  including national tourism offer of incentives, facilities and technical support.

Smantah group makes a great interest in direct investment in the tourism sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tourism investments are classified as a top priority in the system of projects and activities with a focus on the accommodation sector,leisure,specialist hospitality and real estate development for the most Prominent tourist destinations. Smantah has in these field exceptional initiatives in inauguration a number of prominent tourism projects in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Jouf, as Smantah Group works with local and international partners to pump more directed investments to raise the level of the Saudi tourism industry. 

Group projects
Smantah group lunched a number of tourism projects. The most important of these projects are (Campione sports restaurants chain) in Jeddah, which is the creation of Saudi advanced the concept of the sports hospitality, Also launched ( Flip Flap Fun) project in the Skaka city as a largest Skating Closed Rinkin the  northern region,  Smantah is currently working on completion of establishing a company (assets tourist) which is a  closed joint stock company interested in the development and management of tourism projects, The most prominent projects of it are  developing Al-Jandal Lake, the development of tourism projects works in BOT system , held a strategic alliances with international companies in the field of the  low cost employment services.

Smantah group tends to work with partners to attract more financial investment in tourism prominent projects, continue its policy, investment initiatives to continue its approach in creativity and continuous development of tourism services in terms of their effective participation in the development of national tourism.