Government Principles

Smantah groups depends on numbers of general rules  which governing applications, good practice for those in charge of the company's management of the organizational, administrative, legal, and financial, which regulates the relation between the management, owners, and the group partners in the projects  to maintain the rights of ownership of the group and its staff.

Samantha's governance rules based on the following key concepts:

1- Functions of the Board of  Directors: 
The functions of board of directors include the structure of the Board, its core functions and ensure the strategic directionof the group, effective control over the management by the Board, ensure the Board's responsibility towards the group and its partners.

2- The main system :
The main system includes the clarity of regulations, administrative and organizational of Smantah group and their investment policies which governing the management work, decision-making process in the group, and the scope of advisory committees. 

3- Disclosure and Transparency:
It aims to accurate disclosure in a timely manner for all matters relating to the group relation with others, either local companies or international, including the disclosure of important information and the role of the auditor and disclosure of ownership of a majority of shares in associates and disclosure of the board members and executives.