Smantah Group was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2007, which is headquartered in Riyadh, it has branches in order to take advantage from opportunities offered by the prominent economic sectors in the Gulf, Middle East, and it has under its umbrella a number of companies and pioneering projects.

Smantah Group aims to contribute effectively in the sustainable development of these economies by directing investments towards significant and exist opportunities in the region. The Group adopted, as multi-purpose company that has under its umbrella a number of independent projects that are studied very carefully, an investment strategy clearly defined in terms of vision and long-term aims.

Smantah Group has diverse types of specialized investments between direct investments in some projects, owned by the whole group and the development of a closed joint stock companies, where the Group has a leadership share and joint investments in projects that require a high level of technical and skilled management team. These sectors are: -

• Tourism investment sector

• Desalination sector

• Energy services sector

• Media and Marketing sector

• Real estate industry sector

• General contracting sector

• manufacturing sector

• Power of attorney and franchising sector

• Various investment sectors

The group depends on a systematic approach in investment, Where each investment opportunity subject to accurate process of evaluation, then for the analysis, research, deep review using an advisory team with expertise and high efficiency to support the investment decision in line with the objectives and orientations.

The presence of Smantah group, knowledge of the main markets next to its philosophy of investment backed by many of the methods and overall procedures and their ability to control the movement of markets, is a framework which evaluates the opportunities and investment operations risks, so it distributes assets to opportunities that achieve high returns of operating, with balanced growth in the invested capital.

Smantah Group sticks within the investment philosophy the option of strategic alliances with local companies, regional and international companies that have a leadership administrative with high efficiency, benefiting from competitive advantages of the group and its network of regional and international to build independent entities investment able to compete and achieve a good growth rates over the medium and long term.

The group also depends on a number of general rules that govern the applications and good practices for the group management in all organizational, administrative, legal, and financial aspects, which regulates the relationship between management, owners and partners in the group projects so as to maintain the rights of ownership of the group and its staff.

This is in addition to keeping the development process of the ongoing projects continued, lasting work to strengthen the position of the group as an effective element in the national economy and maintain the confidence and reputation as they are in the investment sector through the application of quality management system on the rehabilitation of Smantah group for a special place in the market such as the adoption of total quality management ISO9001:2000, HACCP certification for their projects and businesses, as well as competition for the program (the fastest growing Saudi companies) and (responsible Competitiveness) program which is supervised by the General Authority for Investment.

Therefore, Smantah group believes significantly (by the help of Allah) that the visibility, good organization, planning, a good choice for the team, and making the necessary effort, are the real factors of the group's success. This is added also to Smantah’s growth of business and continues to achieve more. Smantah has the ability to remain stable and achieve good results even with the existence of out of control circumstances and economic crises.